What is

Doc-access is an online authentication system for websites that are only accessible to medical professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your request will be processed immediately upon registration. The username and password will be sent to your email address a few minutes after registration.

There are no costs associated with a DOC-Access account for the user. You can choose “register” in the menu to request a DOC-Access web passport free of charge.

In order to log in to the website of a scientific association, for example, you must also be a member of the association in question. If you receive this message, you are not or not correctly included in the membership list of that association. In this case, we advise you to contact the secretariat of the association.

You can request your data again via the menu item “Password reset

Let op! dat het wachtwoord gevoelig is voor hoofdletters, dus de CAPS LOCK functie op uw toetsenbord moet uit staan. Tevens dienen er geen spaties te staan in uw gebruikersnaam.

U kunt uw DOC-Access account afmelden door een email te sturen naar: helpdesk@medonline.nl